Cloth Cat - Projects

Cloth Cat is not just a music education charity, we aim to be and believe by using music in all its forms as a connection we have a positive and long reaching impact on both the local and national community, this is why.

  1. Cloth cat Leeds is a small not for profit charitable musical education company with a large paw print, we primarily run music courses taught not just by professionals in their fields but by people that love music.

  2. We have a large impact due to our support in many local projects that matter to us.

  3. We give 110 percent to projects and people because we believe anyone of any situation can lift themselves up into a life they feel is worthwhile as we have done for ourselves.

  4. If a person or group needs support we do our best to give it, we like to give our projects the cloth cat personal touch, which mostly involves plenty of fun, community spirit, music, oh and cats. "just kidding, no cats are involved, unless they wish to be.*

  5. We believe we are part of the local community and not that we just work in it, but we do not just limit ourselves to a particular niche we get involved with projects outside our community and reach out nationally occasionally too.

Here is a list of the categories we are involved with in the local community.

1. Mental health, Disability.

2. Young people.

3. Multicultural, Refugees & Asylum seekers.

4. Local community events.

5. Education, Promotion.

6. Ex and reforming offenders.

7. Homeless.

8. Many other musical based projects including gig, events and fetes.

Here is a sample of the people and groups we have worked with or provided services for.

General public
365 choir
Armly jail
Beat it
Becklin centre
Breeze got talent
Dj workshop
Headinly beer festival
Leeds music education
Leeds Music history
Leeds Music Hub
Leeds music trust
LMEP performa
Make noise uk
Middleton bright ideas
Newsom centre, Newsam buskers; music group
Opera north
Out of the jam.
Radio and tv
Stuart niven
The beck.
The Voice
Wetherby yoi
WY Destitute Asylum Seekers

Check out our page on for some ideas!

*in our original offices, we had a stray cat regulary visit "gave us our new name" that also used to live in the metalworks forge below us.