Cloth Cat - Hall of Fame

Mike Jolly is Project Co-ordinator of Cloth Cat

He makes most of the tea and is good at being very busy.




They teach stuff whilst looking cool!

Connor James Coxhead Ansley Prothero

ConnerJames Coxhead

Robb Frost
Jenny Kosmowsky
Ben Slack

Mark Hadley
Jessica The Cat Stewart Coxhead

Sting Wray  




In darkened rooms they meet once a month

Steering Cloth Cat's course through the choppy waters of being a not-for-profit organisation.

Clair DaCunha
John Parkes



John Flattery
Kate Prothero
Le Craig

Sarah Kennedy



The indispensable multitool volunteers

Carlo keeps the users from hitting the computers, James is the sound guru, go on ask him nowt!

Carlo "Brains" James T "Notes"

Jim "Swiss srmy knife"


Michael luehrmann"Pasta"

Dave Harris "Webs"