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A one-off membership fee to Cloth Cat of 1 gives you access to all our courses, enables you to have more say in what Cloth Cat does, such as voting in AGM`s. You'll also receive an e-newsletter, get the chance to access further support and loads of other benefits too.

Friends of Cloth Cat’ scheme
Cloth Cat has been delivering it’s services within inner city Leeds for around 12 years on very low levels of income. We are currently fighting to raise income through grants and company sponsorship in addition to raising other contracts to help those who are most disadvantaged in the area. Like most charities, Cloth Cat is affected by the recent recession and huge cuts in the economy at a time when there’s likely to be increased unemployment, crime and homelessness, as well as a greater demand and need for community sector support and activity. At the same time competition for grant funding is even more fierce and as one of our initiatives we’re re-launching the ‘Friends of Cloth Cat’ scheme.
We already have some wonderful ‘friends’ and if you feel that, like them, Cloth Cat is an important asset to our local communities then why not join our 'Friends of Cloth Cat' scheme too? For as little as 50p a month, set up on a standing order which will support our vitally needed running costs which are harder to fund through traditional grants. Anyone can sign up to the scheme even if you haven’t directly accessed our services and I have attached a standing order form.  

Friends of Cloth Cat SO form

If you can't afford it, then that's cool, please let all your friends know about the scheme. You'll receive a Friends newsletter to let you know what we're doing and how the money is being spent.

Alternatively click on the donate button to send a donation directly.

If you are interested funding specific goals, then take a look at our page which will give you an idea of what your donation might be able to provide. Alternatively, take a peek at our Projects page.