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Attention: There have been some late changes to some of the following courses, Ukulele, DJing: The Basic Concepts, Sing Your Song & Introduction to Music Production. including new date changes, so please check out the changes on the Planned courses or courses running now pages and Sorry for any inconvenience.

We are a based charity based in inner-city Leeds that uses music training to help local people improve the quality of their lives. We help people to gain control over their lives and find avenues into employment by providing the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and to develop their musical talent. By doing this, we also provide a basis for empowerment, confidence building and making music contacts that will become ever more useful as their abilities continue to grow towards there future.

We operate on a not for profit basis, so any money we do make goes towards our current activities and expanding our programme of music projects.

Cloth Cat Studios aim to provide:

a) FREE/low cost music courses and other music-based training for local people.

b) Facilities to promote people who want to be involved in music, particularly those on low incomes.

We organise one of the best open mic nights in Leeds.



Take a look within the Mos Eisley Cantina!







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